Opening Comments 

What another week of controversy, with Brexit, now Megxit what other ‘It’s’ are available?

The only controversy on the tables this week was the fact that 6 out of our 7 teams had to play each other!
So our teams all won………and ………lost!

The most astonishing games were played between our second and third teams.
The experience of the second versus the raw talent and youth of our third team.

Read on!

Division One

TTTA1 beat Brixham Pirates 10-0  

Brixham came to TTTA to plunder and pillage (Pirates, get it?!) but were met with a supreme force from TTTA1 of our very own ‘dancing queen’, Esmeralda, ‘Mr. Service’, Lennard and the power penhold of Warren Gnai.

Cap’n Bly, Allen Pack and his pirates only took one set all night and had to take their wounded bodies back to Brixham with the worst of thrashings. Oh dear, and that was without Jakub’s help.

This leaves TTTA1 ‘hanging on in there’ in the chase for division 1 top 3. The two NA teams Buzzards and Batmen look set to bag the top two spots unless I can get more access to Jakub from his tournaments or England duties.

Division Two

TTTTA2 lost to TTTA3 7-3

TTTA3 is packed with our most talented youngsters from the performance group, and it showed. Even without Allesandro they put on such a show despite their age and experience deficit.

Szymon, Ben Hoare and the ‘Diminutive Dragon’, Matt Frettsome as their work cut out for them tonight.

Ivan kicked things off with a fantastic win against TTTA stalwart, Szymon winning in 5 which went for most of the matches as they were so close.

Matt brought his new look to the table, looking far meaner and moodier after ditching his boy band look. Despite the new look, William Bevan pushed him all the way but Matt held his nerve to win in 4.

Ben has been our most talented youngster for many years but he has had to succumb that title to an even younger and shorter Kacper whose England ranking seems to be getting stronger every week. Kacper won all his matches and also the doubles with Ivan earning him the ‘Player of the match’ award.

A mention must also go to Ivan who won two and William who bagged one game leaving our 2nd team battered and bruised and 7-3 down.

Although 2 remain ahead of 3 in the league they have played two more matches, but it looks like a race to secure the third spot for both our div.2 teams as Marldon and NA Falcons are flying high.

Mind you, what would happen if Allesandro and Kacper were available every game? Could they really jump from 5th division last year to 2nd division this and then on to division 1 next year? With their rapid development I would not bet against it!


Division Three

TTTA4 lost TTTA5 7-3  

This was always going to be a tussle with both of our intrepid teams next to each other in the league mid-way.

David Crowley took POM with a maximin but had real battles on with David Rowsell, and slightly surprisingly, Tim Shears, who also pushed him every game. Still, it’s the ‘W’ that counts and Mr C took the honours.

The difference being that David R came away quite disappointed and Tim came away with his loss really encouraged, weird bloke!

David made no mistake in his other games beating Neville and Peter Moretta in tough games

Tim took one more after losing a very tight battle with ‘Not so nice Neville’, his mate and practise partner.

Despite a spirited effort from Anne-Marie Gibbs, the results went against her. What does she put in the drinks bottle? It looks mighty suspicious.

David and Tim were pretty disappointed to lose the doubles too.

Division Four

TTTA6 beat TTTA7 7-3

Although Jerry Hollings took the POM honours with a fine maximum and also the doubles, it was our very own wizard ‘Gandalf the White’, Peter Brookes, who rolled back the years taking two out of three against ‘young’ Vic Bonfante and Denis ‘We won the World cup’ Cramond.

William Hall showed his talent by taking one, but honours went to TTTA6 who keep up their winning ways and lead the division.

They have their battle with the other run-away team, the Grove in a couple of weeks’ time.

Play well out there!

Impartially presented by ‘Reporter Bob’


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