Opening Comments 


I have never started a report with an apology, ever. But here is one.

Patrik Cincala looks a very stern bloke to me so I think I had better put right the ridiculous omission of last week. Patrik sits at the top of division 1 averages at 85% of the regular team players. This is a great achievement and saves me getting the same beating that Deontay Wilder took from Tyson Fury on the weekend!

Other slightly off-piste sporting comments are the great performances of England and the resurgent France in this week’s 6 Nations.

I found it rather curious to be actually cheering France on. This only ever happens if they are playing a southern Hemisphere team at the World Cup. Odd

OK back to Table Tennis then.

By now everyone will have shared our call for funds on a ‘Just Giving’ page that will hopefully support our excellent juniors in expenses if attending tournaments and National events that will keep them in the England Teams they represent, or squads they are part of.

We see their progress every week at coaching and our opposing teams have to suffer that progress when they play them in the leagues. It’s a very expensive sport to take to the top level as so few players are given any financial support from TT England. It actually costs you money to play for England, so any and all support will be gratefully received.

Now to the league reports.

It has been mentioned that my reporting style has upset a couple of team members. Whist I don’t set out to insult anyone and do have a declaimer on the bottom of the report, I will attempt a different style for this report so as not to offend anyone (apart from me).

Division 1

TTTA 1 Lost NA Buzzards 3-7

Esmeralda lost to Kevin in 3

Warren lost to Luke in 4

Patrik beat Kevin in 4

Esmeralda lost to Sonja in 5

Warren lost to Luke in 3

Patrik beat Sonja in 2

Warren lost to Kevin in 3

Esmeralda lost to Luke in 4

Patrik and Esmeralda lost to Kevin and Luke in 3


Division 2

TTTA 2 beat NA Kestrels 10-0

Lucas won all 3

Ben won all 3

Matt won all 3

Ben and Lucas won the doubles



Division 3

TTTA 4 Drew with The Hasbeens 5-5

Ed won 2, Craig win 2, Tim won 1.

Tim ad Craig lost the doubles

TTTA 5 beat Brixham Dolphins 10-0

TTTA won everything including doubles


Division 4

TTTA 6 beat NA Ospreys 7-3

Jerry won all 3

Denis won 2

Vic won 1

Jerry and Vic won the doubles

POM Jerry

TTTA 7 lost to NA Vultures 8-2

William Hall won 1

Peter Brookes won 1

This is just soooo dull. I’m off for a snooze!

Play well out there! 

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