Opening Comments 

Well, the season is getting to the really sharp end now with most divisions only having five matches left to play.

Our teams are pulling in some cracking results to make the final push for honours, but with postponements and some really big matches to come it’s all to play for in 3 out of the 4 divisions.

It’s exciting, fast and sometimes furious out there, read on!

Division One


TTTA1 beat Brixham Gulls 9-1

TTTA1 top the table now after this fine win against the Gulls. However, NA Batmen are in a very strong position being 5 points behind but with two games in hand. The Gibbs boys (Dad and son) are on fire this year and play our team this week. Let’s hope that Jakub is back from International duties for that one!

Lenard Hernandez span and smashed his way through all comers and joined with Warren Ngai to take the doubles in a fiercely competitive match to take his ‘player of the match (POM) award.’

Warren, not to be outdone put his maximums in despite some tough games against Mick Mercer and Mark Smith.

Our Dancing Queen, Esmeralda put the disappointment of losing to Mick Mercer by mercilessly putting her other opponents to the sword to take the match 9-1. It’s all about the Batmen now!


Division Two


This is where we have two of our youngest teams battling it out in the division. TTTA3 are seemingly ‘ripping it up’ despite being less than 5 ft tall and younger than 11. How embarrassing for their opponents who are in awe of the quality of table tennis that our youngsters play.

It used to be that our youngsters cried when they lost a game, now it’s the turn of grown men to quake and shed a tear when they lose!

TTTA2 are only a bit older but no less lovely but are fighting to keep a consistent team on the field, but this week saw Craig Collins move up to take a game for 2, well done ‘super sub!’

TTTA2 beat NA Falcons 6-4

Falcons had been soaring high at the top of div 3 for most of the first half of the season but after a demolition job by TTTA3 the other week and now our TTTA2 getting in on the act they have slipped back into the pack.

Ben Hoare got ‘Big and Bad’ again slicing his way through the opposition without dropping a single set. To take his POM. Great effort.

Lucas battled his way winning two out of three and good old ‘Super Sub’ Craig Collins took a fine win over louis Wiltshire despite his dodgy bat and style.

Ben and Lucas finished off with a fine doubles win to take the W.

TTTA3 beat NA Kestrels 10-0

There was much quaking and nail biting at NA this week when our ‘Mighty Midgets’ rolled into town with ‘super coach’, Jo Piwowar in a decisive mood.

To be honest, NA Kestrels did have a depleted team, but they cannot have envisaged such a mauling at the hands of our juniors. Veteran Dale Fabian took a single set from Ivan ‘you’ll never see me smile’ Vaplaks before he lost 3-1. Little did he know that would be the only set the team would take that evening.

Why on earth is Ivan only ranked 174 in the league is anyone’s guess. Try 60ish!

Kacper and Allesandro blasted their way through like a knife through butter (again).

Other teams are now beginning to make bets that it will be TTTA3 who lift the trophy at the end of the year now. If they can keep this team out who’d bet against it? And, this is a team that jumped a division too. This just shows the superb coaching they have had and their own natural talent.

Division Three

It’s hotting up down there and our two teams are finally putting in a late show of strength after a few narrow misses or disappointing results. It’s unlikely that even a good run will get them to the top, but both are aiming for third slot. Only one can make it!

TTTA4 drew with NA Owls 5-5

Our 4th team needed to take it to the Owls who are sitting pretty up at the top of the tree.

With the lead being taken by big Ed battle commenced. Ed took his maximum despite a couple of very close 5 setters against Josh Redfern and Rowan Bayliss, two of Newton Abbots top juniors. He also took the doubles with Tim Shears. Could they knock the Owls off their perch?

Tim had some cracking games with Rowan and Josh too trying to roll back the years playing open attacking table tennis, perhaps too open as he lost both matches closely but enjoyably. Weird guy!

Anne Marie Gibbs, still unsure of her title, ‘The Secret Weapon’, struggled a bit against the youngsters but lost narrowly to Dad Rob Bayliss who had the match of his life to win in three.

If TTTA4 are to close in on their goal, they have the Hasbeens and Titans coming up in the next few weeks. Good luck 4!

TTTA5 beat The Hasbeens 6-4

This match proved to be a turning point for 5 against a very tricky Hasbeens.

Alan Tyrrell did what he usually does by being extremely awkward with his dodgy bat and playing style. You can’t argue that’s its now effective though! Ho took POM without dropping a single set. Annoying right?

Peter ‘Hitman’ Moretta and the Grand Master John Fowler did themselves proud with two each as did French Dave. John and Peter just missing out on the extra point losing the doubles in a tough match.

Division Four


TTTA6 lost to The Grove 7-3

The Grove are now back at the top of the table after this fine win. Not taking any chances they fielded their best team and it showed on the night with only ‘Ben and Jerry’ Hollings taking any singles, but a fine two all the same!

Jean Neafcy found a team that could handle her spinny serves and with that weapon nullified she had a tough day at the office.

Vic Bonfante also had an uphill task and lost out in some tough matches. However, Jerry and Jean rallied round to take the final doubles to scramble some pride.

TTTA7 beat NA Ospreys 6-4

With 6 of the matches going to 5 sets this was a blockbuster of a match. Our second-tier juniors put in a superb shift with William Hall taking POM despite dropping one game to NA’s Mark Winstanley.

Tony Halse who runs NA was extremely impressed with the boys and their amazing progress during the season. Quite an accolade, well done TTTA Coaches and the team too!

Kai got a good win with William Whittington (this time) taking two.

Both Williams got together to take the final doubles to seal the match.

With the progress this young team are making every week, their mid table position belies their standard and maturity on the table. Lots of juniors to watch next year!

So, it’s onwards and upwards and coming to an exciting conclusion now. Keep watching, keep playing!

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